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Aurora has an abundance of shallow coral reefs, where a snorkeler can enjoy the myriad forms of coral and undersea life. The beauties of the reef that stretch throughout the lengthy coastline are still waiting to be discovered.

Snorkeling Spots

In Baler alone, there at least five good snorkeling spots, although some may have been damaged due to illegal dynamite fishing.

Snorkeling points are abundant in the southern portion of Baler. These reef areas are in the vicinity of the Aniao Islets, Cemento Beach, Digisit Beach, Dimadimalangat Islet, and the Lukso-Lukso Islets.

One of the more attractive areas to snorkel is in Dicasalarin Bay, which is 45 minutes by boat south of Sabang Beach, Baler. The flanking reef shores to the right and left of the bay remain untouched by dynamite fishing. Various multi-colored corals and undersea life are scattered along the shore reef wall, which is concave, due to the pounding of the waves.

The MIA Surf & Sport Resort offers tours to these snorkeling sites, and also rents out snorkeling gear such as flippers, wetsuits and vests. It is nevertheless advisable to bring your own equipment.

Snorkeling is best during the period from March until June, when the waves are smallest.

Scuba Diving

Aurora has many prime spots waiting to be discovered by an adventurous scuba diver along the reefs and coral-lined shores. The main snag to the sport is the lack of scuba diving equipment and air compressor units for oxygen tank refilling.

But if you care to bring your own equipment, you may find scuba diving in Aurora to be a most rewarding experience... and you may be among the first divers to explore the untouched reefs in the deeper reaches of the province's coast.

Dive Spots

Experienced scuba divers can generally discover fine diving points on their own, since the most pristine spots are those that remain largely undiscovered. One can also try asking the locals about the best dive areas. Among the diving spots they recommend are:

Off-shore, Borlongan Beach. Two miles off-shore from the beach, a mushroom-shaped coral reef runs more than 150 feet to the bottom.

Baler.The adjacent areas of the Aniao Islets, Cemento Beach, Dimadimalangat Islet, and the Lukso-Lukso Islets are dotted with numerous coral reefs and formations.

Dicasalarin. Discasalarin is full of marvelous coral formations as yet unsullied by dynamite fishers and the general grime of modern civilization.

Also investigate the coral reef off-shore of Casiguran and Dilasag, where many potential diving spots still lie barely explored. The deep waters of Dibut Bay are also home to many species of marine life.

The MIA Surf & Sport Resort can provide a guided tour to the various diving spots in Aurora.

Diving Seasons

The best months for diving are from March to May, when the waves are at their calmest. This is the best time for diving in waters far off coast.

Avoid the stormy season from June to October, when raging typhoons hit the area. From October to February, the waves are quite strong, so a sturdy diving boat is essential.

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